Minggu, 03 Juni 2012

Airlines Press Release Ideas While Buying New Airplanes

Buying a new airplane is a big deal for any airlines. It makes news, period. So, PR managers have got a lot of works to do when their companies are going to make such deals. They can start the publication of the news from the time when the deal is made between the airline and the manufacturer. It, of course, depends on the policies of the companies, but possibilities are there no matter what the boards of directors may decide.

Some Airline Press Releases Ideas at the Beginning

Like I have mentioned at the very start of the process, this can make great news. You can mention the following facts in each news copy you publish after the contract is made between your company and the manufacturer. Here are some suggested ideas for PR managers:

The deal is made between A and B companies

This number of airplanes are bought by A company

The delivery schedule of airplanes are announced

The new technology applied at these airplanes are so and so

At these new airplanes X number of new services will be added, etc

Then, as soon as the delivery of the airplanes commences, you can publish more airline press releases for your company and explain:

How many you have received and how many more are there to be delivered

How your company has scheduled the first flights with them

How travelers could book flying with them

When the flight schedule for these new planes are

What new services you have included in these flights, etc

And also you can use particular news distribution services that allow you to publish a few photos as well as videos with your press releases to illustrate what you are talking about.

Finally, when all the planes are delivered to your company, you can publish a series of more PRs announcing:

The entire fleet of your airplanes at your airline and each type of plane

The new destinations you have added consequently

The benefits of flying on these airplane for the far destinations

The benefits of flying on these airplane for business travelers

The benefits of flying on these airplane for frequent travelers to certain destinations, etc

Again this list can be quite long and this indicates the creativity you can implement with airline press release topics. Of course, the ideas introduced at this post are just exemplary in order to provoke some ideas in your minds. I am sure PR managers can come up with more appropriate and effective titles and topics themselves.

Use Generous Press Release Distribution Services

What I call generosity is the possibility to post links to the inner pages of your site, publish images with your content, embed videos and slides within your news copy, etc. There are a lot of them that are not so open to these new ideas or have not yet incorporated such ideas in their publications.

Actually, you make your news release more interesting, informative and engaging with such additions. So, they are not fancy items to beautify your content. Each of them could serve several purposes.