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The Cycle Turns, and Airline Shares Have Fans Again

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If everything goes entirely - and that is a big if - the airline diligence could tale testimony profits this year.

Be warned, while, airline routines are gene support speculative investments, and it is easier to elude money than to make it, given the diligence's previous performance.

The Air convey Association, an airline trade group, expects diligence profits to be billion this year, which is an improvement over modest running profits last year. But some analysts think that the diligence could top the testimony of about .4 billion in profit, set in 1999.

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Those profit projections, and a current decline in airline divides, have some analysts recommending airline routines as inferior and expected to support as profits wealth up.

"It's time to buy the airlines again," Bob McAdoo, an analyst at the prudential justness Group, told clients in a rally tale. He has perhaps the most buoyant scene among divider lane airline analysts, with 2007 profit projections that would meekly set a diligence testimony.

Even with just a modest diligence recovery hence far, some airline routines have dramatic remarkable advances. American Airlines, for those prophetic enough to grab up divides near the foot of .25 in rally 2003, hit currently. They colluded yesterday at .33 a divide.

Continental Airlines, at .65 in October 2002, hit .40 currently. Yesterday, the routine colluded at .05. And US Airways more than tripled after its September 2005 routine gift, to .27, before settling back in current weeks. It lost yesterday's trading at .05.

While those are impressive gains, a bet on Delta Air shape or Northwest Airlines, which both filed for bankruptcy protection in September 2005, in leaned an overall wipeout for investors.

But as Delta and Northwest graph to exit bankruptcy proceedings in entrance months, they will transfer creditors' claims into new routine. Early estimates put Delta's advertise capitalization at billion and Northwest's at billion.

United Airlines, a troop of the UAL Corporation, emerged from bankruptcy a little more than a year ago with new divides of its own.

The bankruptcies, along with pains by airlines not in bankruptcy, have drastically bargain struggle expenses and some other expenses. A severe cutback in the mutual fleets of big carriers, meanwhile, small volume just as an emergent saving stimulated request for airline tickets. So graphs are gene support packed and airlines have been able to heave fares - by about 15 percent last year forlorn.

All of that has in leaned profits again for a diligence that racked up more than billion of losses after Sept. 11. Last year, with the exemption of big reorganization charges that created losses at Delta and Northwest, was a humbly profitable year.

If oil estimates spike again, or the saving falters, profits could be modest once more this year.

Mr. McAdoo, the Prudential analyst, is an idealist, and he would have to be, payments more than 30 living both running for airlines - he was chief executive of a initiate-up, precursor Airlines, in the mid-1990s - or next their routines on divider lane. In the early living of every decade of his career, the diligence has swooned.

Mr. McAdoo projected that American Airlines would testimony profit of .85 billion this year, nearly 0 million advanced than some other analysts' estimates. And he put a butt estimate for later this year on US Airways, implying a 95 percent leap from yesterdays colludes.

Supporting his gene support cheery scene, very few new graphs are scheduled for sending to domestic airlines this year or next, which should keep volume snug and perhaps permit foster fare increases. The saving, while not noisy at this moment, continues to grow and that typically means beefy request for airline tickets. And airlines constant to moderate expenses during 2006, so the diligence enters this year leaner as an unbroken.

Even Philip Baggily, who, as a debt analyst at degree & defacement's, is salaried to agonize about the downside of the airlines, said, "It'll be the best year because the 1990s, save the saving truly spray out of bed."

But on the horizon, maybe in time for another opening-of-decade fall, is cipher of problem. toil unions representing pilots, journey alternant, procedure and others are emergent edgy as they mind some airline executives amass big pay post not so long after union members surrendered as greatly as one-third of their compensation to keep carriers floating.

Glenn F. Tilton, chief executive of United, for request, customary 2006 compensation the crowd valued at .8 million. Most United personnel are sheltered into concessionary contracts through the end of the decade, while they are already making noises about heaves, and other airline contracts are due for renegotiation quicker.

"It's not make the new, lesser expense configure can last awaiting 2010," Mr. Baggily said.

Carriers also should to shower their fleets, and that could be exclusive.

With surplus sheets still loaded with debt, most airlines will stay really vulnerable to a slow. That will lean to make their routines fickle. In other terms, yes, investors make money on airline routines, but typically not by land the divides for the long pull.

And for investors who wished they had bought at the foot, be enduring: those estimates may yield.

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