Senin, 24 September 2012

Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants - Where Do You Look?

Web searchers interested in becoming a flight attendant the world over are Googling 'airlines hiring flight attendants' for the express reason that becoming a flight attendant has either been a lifelong dream or they consider that now is as good a time as any to break free and do a job that has lifestyle.

And while an airline job lifestyle is a big draw card to having an office with a view, so too are the benefits of becoming a Flight Attendant. Obviously the vacation travel benefits and participating hotel discounts are pretty hard to beat, but so too are the little known perks like car hire, great credit union deals, profit sharing plans and human resources support to name a few.

It's common for those interested in becoming flight attendants to simply want to find out those airlines hiring flight attendants because that's what you do when you want a job in most industries. Find out where it is, submit your resume and go for the interview. Sadly for most however, that is a long way from reality and there is a rather different process that the airlines hiring flight attendants go through.

Mostly because of the sheer weight of numbers that apply for the position. Certainly there are the recognised favoured airlines that attract large applicant numbers because they are either sentimental or frankly they just pay better and have 'those great travel benefits' that appeal to everyone. But applicant numbers may also be large because the variety and type of flying available is about as diverse as the number of airlines that fly the skies which can be just as appealing.

Again, it depends on what you value as lifestyle. For some it's living out of a suitcase on long international routes and for others it's travelling their own country and enjoying layovers in places that they have always wanted to go but have not yet been to.

There is also variety in the responsibilities on offer as a flight attendant. With airlines that fly the bigger aircraft types such as the Boeings, Air Buses and Larger Embraiers, you become part of a crew of three or more and will be lead by a Cabin Manager who rightly takes care of the management of the flight and the crew.

However if you are the sort of person that wants to get out on their own and run the show by yourself then you'll step right into that responsibility from day one with smaller commuter and hub airlines. Many of them are a one flight attendant operation and sometimes two so it really can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience to literally crew your own office.

As far as Googling 'airlines hiring flight attendants' - about all you'll find is flight attendant schools telling you that they are the only ones with this hiring information and if you do a course through us we can put you in touch with those airlines actually hiring now.

The best advice; stay clear of such banter, save your money and search the airline that you want to work for. You'll find out a lot more from their web site career sections with a few exceptions as some airline career pages are either brief or not there. However that is the minority. Obviously when they put the word out that they are looking for flight attendants the news travels fast however, so hook into some flying forums and even social network sites where like minded people network.

By all means receive information from trusted sights about whose hiring and what you need to do to get the job because there are some great content sites out there but hang onto your money from those offering to either fast track you if you do their course or that they have exclusive 'contacts' or affiliations with airlines. Unless of course you can see real value in what they offer you in the course content or associated information they have to offer.

Certainly becoming an aircrew member is a competitive field and you will have to do all you can to get ahead of other applicants because a flight attendant position is recognised as just too good to miss out on by so many. If this is your dream waiting to happen however, go for it, you won't regret it.

TJ is a committed aviation tragic who has flown for nearly two decades and is passionate about the industry. His web site and self Authored manual, 'Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy,' reveals the airline application process from A-Z for those who want their dreams to take flight too.